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The story is a love story and how anger can lead to consequences . The story is about Irfan and Zeb who gets married, but the marriage doesn't last as Irfan divorces her in anger without thinking. It is the struggle of Zeb who now has no one to go to as her family have left the country. Irfan is madly in love with Zeb but can't have her because of what he has done. On the other hand Samia (who is their neighbor is madly in love with Irfan and who is also the reason behind misunderstandings between Zeb and Irfan) wants to marry Irfan and will do anything to get. Salman who is Irfans brother ends up falling in love with Zeb. Will Zeb fall in love with Salman? Will Zeb and Irfan get together ?

Hatheli Cast:
Type: Pakistani Drama
Channel: Hum TV
Release Date: 2016
Seasons: 1
Season 1 Episode List