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This drama tells the story of a parent raising a child with a very common disability knows as down syndrome. Hina is the main lead of this story. She loved Sameer and married him; not knowing what was coming her way. Sameer, the sole bread winner of his house, proves himself a loyal husband but fails in becoming a responsible father. Eventually, Hina had to leave Sameer’s house and live with her mother. Hina raises her daughter Khushi and fights for her at a time when nobody supports her decision. Enter Hadi, Khushi’s teacher who supported her like a father when even her own father disowned her. Parents of disabled children need a lot of courage to raise them and the challenges for them are never-ending. Iltija is an effort to highlight the problems such parents face.

Iltija Cast:
Type: Pakistani Drama
Channel: ARY Digital
Release Date: 2017
Seasons: 1
Season 1 Episode List